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[Help] ALL modders needed
Is there an easy way to go through this list and figure out which work and which dont, and then publish them for download?

Nearly all should work with minor adjustments.

Main problems you'll encounter:

1.) Shaders are NGE only, so one would fix the link to a PreCU shader.

2.) It'll link to a file that only exists in the NGE tre files, but doesn't supply the extra filed needed (It would in an NGE Emu because it just redirects to a file in the tre files), so one would need to manually grab the needed files from NGE tre's and include them in the mod.

3.) UI mods, maybe, unsure how Kayliaah did her UI mod, but one would have to adjust it based on hers if there are problems.

Nearly everything you find on modsource is pretty simple in terms of 'how difficult is it to do this', so it shouldn't be much of a problem if you'd want anything specific.

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