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[Help] best way to handle crc's
whats the safest way to handle crc's? 

on my home fun server i just merged MTG repo, Taanab and Halyn's species pack. 
at MTG and Taanab merge i just had an issue about MTG items were not usable, i just figured it out that i have to merge the crc table (when i tried to get an item, i had the "you recive a: %TO" error). 
i did it with success, so MTG and Taanab worked fine. after that i merged the new species pack (i had an error, accidentally added a line twice, my bad Smile), added the crc lines given by Pake in the mods's topic. 
Species works great, Taanab works also, but now i cant use MTG assets, got the "you recive a: %TO" error again. 

whats the best way to handle / merge object_template_crc_string_table.iff files? 
tried to exctract the files with SIE, and then made a fresh crc file, added the extracted TRE folder as a reference, but it didnt work also. 
well, just redid the process (adding crc lines manually to mtg's crc file) and now everything is fine.

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