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[Help] best way to handle crc's
whats the safest way to handle crc's? 

on my home fun server i just merged MTG repo, Taanab and Halyn's species pack. 
at MTG and Taanab merge i just had an issue about MTG items were not usable, i just figured it out that i have to merge the crc table (when i tried to get an item, i had the "you recive a: %TO" error). 
i did it with success, so MTG and Taanab worked fine. after that i merged the new species pack (i had an error, accidentally added a line twice, my bad Smile), added the crc lines given by Pake in the mods's topic. 
Species works great, Taanab works also, but now i cant use MTG assets, got the "you recive a: %TO" error again. 

whats the best way to handle / merge object_template_crc_string_table.iff files? 
tried to exctract the files with SIE, and then made a fresh crc file, added the extracted TRE folder as a reference, but it didnt work also. 
well, just redid the process (adding crc lines manually to mtg's crc file) and now everything is fine.
in case you haven't found SIE, has CRC file editor and others too.

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