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[Help] Craftable items (style 2)
This isn't so much regarding modding as development. I'm working in a dev environment, trying to make the Small Potted Plant, Style 1 schematic have a drop-down list to select styles 2-5. Similar to the way fountains, statues, streetlights work.

First thing I did was modify /scripts/object/draft_schematic/furniture/furniture_plants_potted_small.lua to include additional templates (style 2 and 3).


At first that's all I tried, and second, I tried pasting the code from /scripts/object/tangible/furniture/all/frn_all_potted_plants_sml_s01.lua into the _s02.lua and the _s03.lua

Neither worked...quite right.

I got this, and trying to craft one got me nothing. It went through the motions, said it outputted the item to my inventory, but there was no item.


The styles 2-5 are GM spawnable, are already in scripts/object/tangible/furniture/all. They also do have string entries in frn_n.stf.

What's the piece of the puzzle I'm missing?

For comparison, I added 2 fountain paths as alternate templates in the potted plant draft schem, and they worked fine, crafted up like they should.

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