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Help finding saber trails
hey, I was hoping someone could help me locate the old, long lasting saber trails? example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liiIjESe2Qk

I found a sw_light_saber_white file in early patches but it doesnt last as long or look the same.

I have also tried valkyras saber trail mod but those doesnt last as long as I want them to or look like that in the video.

Thanks for any replies Smile
Open her sw_light_saber_white in SIE, make sure you mave my SWH templates and go to 0000/0000, then I believe change the Fade Alpha enum.

Hope this is it, it's the only file in her mod. It was originally 4 and she changed it to 3.
ty for the answer but SIE wont work on my computer, sadly, so cant do that. But this would only change how long it lasts right? Didnt swg have a lightsaber trail file from back than (video, pre-pub 9?)
Oh yeah, hm.


Try both of those, one has the Alpha Fade on 1, the other on 9. Curious what it does.

Edit: Yeah this is just Valky's mod with different settings.

I'll investigate about prepub 9 trails.

Edit2: That file is actually from pub5, so, unsure.
fade 1 seemed to make the color of the trail stronger (which was great tbh) but trails didnt seem to last longer. Fade 2 did nothing (no trail at all)

the pre pub 9 trails look pretty amazing so hope you figure it out Smile
Ah damn, hmm. Totally unsure how to lengthen it in the shader file set up. If it had been a prt, it woulda been straightforward.

Try these though, curious: https://www.sendspace.com/file/hqg4nw
one of them looked like valkyras trails (stretch) and the other one (width) was crazy, lots of white sabers (5-10 in each direction) instead of a trail. hard to explain Tongue
Haha, damn, but the stretch lengthened it too then? Did you want that then or them actually staying longer? Suppose you want the delay of it vanishing generally, I wonder if something got changed in the client itself, ie hard coded. Hm.

I'll have to investigate it sometime.
it didnt seem to change anything. The stretch one looked like valkyras mod. and I want them to stay a bit longer, more like how the trails are in the video example Smile
I don't even know how they look now, so wasn't really sure. :p

Yeah I don't know, can't think of anything off the bat, will need to see.

Edit: Last stuff to try, for giggles: https://www.sendspace.com/file/m6de86

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