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[Help] Help with changing weapon sounds
I hate the look of the Republic Vibrator (blaster) as I'm sure most of you do, and I wanted to change the model and sounds. I'm using the DL44 Sounds model, and Disruptor Pistol sounds. I used TRE Explorer to find these files, and extract them to where they needed to be. The model works, but the sounds are the default DL44 Metal sounds. I've extracted the files here:


I can't seem to figure out what I did wrong. I also tried renaming the .wav files to "wep_pistol_blaster_dl44_metal_" followed by the appropriate number. Am I missing something?
Object .iff has weapon effect XXXX chunks at the top, you'd need to point it to a newly created row in datatable/weapon/weapon.iff, which would include a new .cef that links to a .snd and then to your .wav files.

No time to really explain it, but look at my NGE Ranged Weapon Effects mod on how I did it.

Basically in PreCU, most weapons share the same effects and sound (which is why there are so few entries in the weapon.iff), so you'd need to create a new unique chain for whichever weapon, for it to have a unique sound.

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