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[Help] How to edit / save / import skills.iff
How can i edit / save / import the skills.iff file to my server?

So far i have downloaded SIE tool. I have edited the skills.iff, i just changed 1 value in master creature handler, just to see if i can get this to work. It saves outside off the tre file, and saves as a .iff file. What do i do with this file? How do i get my server to load up this new skill.iff? Did i read somewhere i also need to edit a crc file?(no idea what that is).

All the help will be greatful.
I think you forgot to delete the database related to skill.iff in bin/databases, also its better to create a new .tre , mine its just skills.tre and add the last of list of both server/client.
(2016-01-31, 11:49 AM)Andarai Wrote: I think you forgot to delete the database related to skill.iff in bin/databases, also its better to create a new .tre , mine its just skills.tre and add the last of list of both server/client.

What files do i need to extract and edit? Im a total newb at tre files. How do i make a new tre file? Once i know how to do this, i will make an easy to read guide, for others to use.
well im not an expert on this xd so i can't be acurate, but, you need to use SIE tool, Extract the skill.iff just click open menu extract file , open with SIE database and edit, ok , then you need to rebuild a .tre ,its up, on the menu, at the end under TOC/TRE builder. name skill.tre save.

SIE tool:

Put this file on client/server client, in swgemu folder where are the rest of tre files, and server on tre folder.

I dont know which database uses skills , so if its new just delete all databases inside ( server side) MMOcoreORB/bin/databases folder. ( note, deleting databases it means you delete all your progress )

add your new tre to config.lua ( bin/conf ) im doing mentally so i hope im doing well xD and also in your client side in swgemu_live , i recomend you to read the new planet guide, it tells you everything. Few weeks ago i just start with that planet guide... seeing lua/linux code for first time xd and now atleast i know how to do some things. In 2 weeks you will see its not hard to know the very very very basics xd

I hope i help, my english sucks a little bit xd

The guide:

Its here on this forums but i dont found xd
I got it working, thanks to you(Andarai), and Que from SWG:Continuum. I will be making a help file. So far i have made master creature handler able to have 10 pets out, and it was 5 bull rancors, and 5 ancient krayt dragons. ofcourse this is all testing. But i have also managed to get a new class, elite CH class, but the names, im not sure where to change the name fo my new profession, they just come up as [n_elite_novice_creaturehandler], and [n_elite_master] ect. I assume theres another file i need to edit to get these custom names?
Hi Nick,

You seem to have got most of this but i'll just add a few more pieces to complete the puzzleSmile

To add skills or professions, edit the datatable:


If the profession is to be a staring profession you can choose when you create a new toon, you can edit the following file to add your new profession:


datatables/creation/profession_mods.iff - To set the starting HAM stats for your new profession.

Also for a new starter profession you will need to make a new file in the same folder for all your starter attributes, clothes etc.


If you want to add schematics for a skill learned edit:

/datatables/crafting/schematic_group.iff  (You would need to delete the draftschematics.db).

You will need to edit the skills.iff with the new additional GroupID if necessary.

If your adding Jedi/FS as a profession then you need to disable the checks in /server/zone/managers/creation/PlayerCreationManager.cpp (Currently lines 389/90).

To fix the naming issues you will need to add your new skils/professions to the following string files following the format and using your skill name in skills.iff as the ID (they have to be the same or they will not work).

/string/en/skl_n.stf - Name
/string/en/skl_d.stf - Description
/string/en/skl_t.stf - Title
/string/en/skl_use.stf - You would probably only add to this if your adding new abilities.

That should be itSmile
started my guide.


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