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[Help] Increased graphics detail/distance?

Is there a way to increase the graphical settings beyond what's possible in the options panel?

Things like Global Terrain Detail, Terrain High Detail Range, Non-collidable Flora Draw Distance, Near Radial Flora Draw Distance, Viewing Distance, etc

I'm already forcing 16x anisotropi filtering through nvidia control panel, and that looks great.
Did you look at the SWG Settings Overrider yet?

Also, check this guide if you haven't already (allows for bloom to be enabled, too).

And then look at this.
I downloaded the SWG Settings Overrider but the file was infected with a trojan:

Quote:An On Demand scan has completed.

Files scanned: 4
Infected items detected: 1
Files known to be clean: 0

Scan Results
File Name, Infection, Action
rc2.zip=>swg settings overrider.exe, Trojan.GenericKD.1427448, Deleted

this one seems clean, antivirus does not complain:

I doubt the link I linked has a virus, pretty sure it's a false alarm, it's a semi official link posted on the Emu, also version 2.5 or w/e it is.

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