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[Help] Need help with switching some icons to CU icons (abilities)
Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me switch some icons for abilities. I am currently using the CU ui mod that is on this site but have noticed that quite few of the jedi abilities (icons) are wrong or look bad.

So I was wondering if someone could help me out and switch a few specific icons in the CU UI mod since I have sadly no idea how to do this myself :/

I found a picture of the icons I want instead. : http://donpla.net/swg/screenShot0650.jpg

I want to change the saberthrow icon in the mod to the saberthrow icon in the picture (top left green ability) also the green right next to it instead of saber slash. and the channel icon in the mod to the blue man down on the right and the brown man/woman down on the right instead of total heal self in the mod. and the last one, force shield icon in the mod to the glowy hand icon on the bottom left in the screenshot.

The rest of the icons in the mod I enjoy its just these few ones are bugging me and I hope that someone could help me change them to what I have written.

Thank you for any replies Smile
I have a lot of projects but I can do it eventually.
thank you! Smile
bump! And I have another request, if someone could be so kind to switch flurry 2 animation with flurry 1. Or explain to me how to speed up the animation? I managed to find the files myself but for some reason the animations gets slowed down when switched to flurry 2. Appreciate any help! Smile
Sorry I have a lot of projects atm. I'm trying to make time for this! And I'm about to PCS to a new base (army) so life is just busy atm Tongue
understandable Smile any progress? thanks again, appreciate it Smile
Sadly I haven't. I just pcsed so have been still busy :/
np! hope you get time to do it soon then Smile
any progress? Tongue or can someone else do it?
It's xmas. Let me try

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