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[Help] NGE vehicle not showing in datapad
I am having a problem with one custom NGE vehicle I am trying to place into the game. I have place a few in now and they all seem to work fine. Although one will generate correctly from the deed and I can ride around in it but it doesn't show in the datapad. Also it takes up a space in the datapad. I currently have two in there and a flash speeder everytime I try to generate a new vehicle it says I have reached my limit.

I have entered the 3 object files into the crc database.

As anyone seen this and have a fix for it?

Many thanks

Firstly, you can up the number of vehicles you can store in player_manager.lua. If you want that is.

If you can ride around on it then i'll assume there's something wrong in the PCD file chain somewhere, thats the best place to start looking. In the pcd.iff file there should be an entry in appearanceFilename.

Do you get any client/server errors?
No I am getting no client or server error messages just doesn't show up in datapad. Thank you Lasko I will investigate the pcd.iff and see if I can see an error.
Ok I have had a look at the pcd.iff file and nothing seems to be wrong. I changed the .apt link to another that I know is working and still nothing shows in the datapad.
Double-check your CRC entries - if it's not showing up at all, it usually means the server is trying to send/display something the client has no CRC for.
I have double checked. The files are entered into the crc objects database and is still not showing.
maybe a little more info on which vehicle it is may help??

Also some vehicles need to be added to the four mounts datatables
It is the Sith Speeder and it has been added to the 4 datatables
Any related errors on the server terminal during either startup or when the speeder is generated?
iirc with the sith speeder, i got that working with relative ease compared to some, i dont think there's much in the actual iff's that can cause a problem (at least not without giving you a bunch of server errors).

So..... Just to confirm from your OP.

Deed spawned and generated vehicle ok.
You can ride around on it.
But you cant see it in your datapad, although it takes up a slot?

If that's true, then i suspect an error in the scripts somewhere. Although tbh, i'm not sure where as again, that would throw up errors. Just looked at the iff's and unless you've changed them they're pretty inoffensive.

I assume you've run the unit tests to check for typo's etc. And remember, they don't always pick up path errors.

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