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[Help] Send In-Game Mail to all users with attachment
Not really a mod question but I thought maybe some of the modders here know how to accomplish this. Specifically, I would like a way that I could send an in-game mail to all existing users at a given time that includes an attachment. For example, if I were to do some kind of independence/canada day themed event and wanted to send an email to all existing users that provided them with a Fireworks item.

Is this currently possible or would I need to create my own Admin command or similar to create and send this mail?
Hey shikage, welcome to the forums!

I'm not certain how you send the mail server-wide, but I know you can't deliver objects through the swg mail system.

You probably could setup an npc that when spoken too hands out things like that or perhaps a login type reward, but unfortunately I do know the answer to that either.

Best of luck, I'm sure some knowledgeable folks on here will have some better input that I!
Actually, that is a fair point... I could just temporarily add the object, or objects, to the veteran rewards requiring a very low number of days and people could just receive them that way... I think. I've not taken a close look at the rewards code yet.

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