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[Help] Structure Placement - Smaller increments than 90 degrees

I have worked away at understanding this, off and on, since 2014 and sadly as far as I can tell the client simply sends 1, 2, 3, or 4 to server after clicking the left mouse button. Pressing the right mouse button changes the value from 1 to 4 and shows the wire frame structure rotation on the client 90 degrees per click.

What would be optimal for placing structures is if we could use the Everquest II method of rotating the object 1 degree left or right by rolling the mouse wheel. Sadly, I have no idea how to get the client to do that.

The value that is sent to the server is simply an int that gets multiplied by 90, so if we can figure out how to get the client to send any value between 1 and 360, then right click could be changed to +45 rather than +1, mouse wheel could be +1, and then *90 in the server code could be removed.

That would be the ideal solution for placing a structure, because it would be in addition to the current method and very simple to use.

So... anyone have any thoughts on how to modify the client so it can do this? I haven't found anything in the TRE files or command line options that would be useful and I HEX editing is outside my scope of knowledge.

- Tatwi

Ps. Yes, I have a couple work-around / alternate methods for placing player structures at arbitrary angles, but none of them are as easy to use as what I described above. They're fine for admins, but not so much for normal folks... Smile
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