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[Help] [SWAP REQUEST] Shirt to Elder Robes or Knight Robes
I've been scouring the internet for a mod I used to use back on live.

It was a mod that changed an item (in this case, the Jedi Acolyte Robes) to the Elder Jedi Robes.

I'm not sure if it would be difficult or even possible to do. It looks like this mod does something similar. I'd use this one but I'm not a huge fan of the recolor.

I think if I can make an official request it would be this: Make the Acolyte Robes (specifically Acolyte because they aren't commonly worn) to the Elder Jedi Arbiter Robes and Elder Jedi Oppressor Robes. If it's not possible to do both colors, the Lighter (Arbiter) color is preferred.

There was also a mod out there that added cloaks to the plain Jedi robes, too. Kind of like this one (in the ultimate Jedi mod) except instead of the Shatterpoint Cloak it was just a plain dark brown one.
If none of the above can be done, I would like to ask: after I install the Ultimate Jedi Mod, how can I make it so that only the Acolyte robes' appearances are changed? That way there isn't everyone running around looking exactly the same.

Or if someone could give me the .DDS file for the Elder Robes I could probably figure something out.

Apologies if I'm breaking any rules or anything like that with this post. If this can be done that would be totally awesome and I would really appreciate it.

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