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[Help] Teras Kasi special attack ugly red swoosh animation?
Hi there,

I've been messing around with the client lately, just trying to sort everything out. 

Feel like I hit a brickwall with this swoosh stuff though lol, my objective was to replace the default red swoosh with something a bit more subtle looking, like the one used by vibro weapons.

Under datatables/weapons theres a "swoosh.iff" file that is missing any type of reference for a shared unarmed appearance file to swoosh appearance entry before publish 14.

After publish 15 sometime they reorganized these files with seperate entrys for melee and ranged weapons, and added a specific entry for unarmed weapons as well as reformatting things a bit.

I tried adding a line to the pre-cu swoosh.iff datafile, using the appearance template and swoosh file from the CU files, but nothing happened.

I'm really curious to find out how this all this works, any insight or references would be appreciated!

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