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[Help] Water level
I understand that the water level is set on planets. E.g. everything below a certain height is "under water" (such as it is in SWG).

Where is the water level for a planet determined? Part of the terrain file, somewhere else, etc?
Main DATA chunk in the .TRN.

[Image: qEndosP.png]
Perfect, thank you.

Time to make Mon Calamari. Big Grin
Note that this is only the global water level, there may be zero or more other local water tables as well or instead of the global one.
Example of what Sytner said. Local water table used on tatooine for a certain BPOL (Boundary Polygon)

Notice on side

UseLocalWaterTable = 1 (sets it so that the Boundary Polygon uses the local water table that you set in the next float.)
LocalWaterTableHeight = 0 (sets it so water in this BPOL starts at 0 height and goes down. Terrain is most likely a crater around it.)

[Image: uPMGGBd.png]
(2015-05-30, 11:25 PM)Phoenix Wrote: Example of what Sytner said...

Nice particle template Heart
Haha yea Sytner. I haven't taken time to re-write it Tongue

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