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Help with ZonamaDev IP Address
Hey folks, I've been working on a planet mod and am at the point I would like to test the planet with other players however I can't figure out how to allow another player to join my zonamadev server.

My IP address on my server is the default which I know only communicates locally with my client. Unfortunately this is about all I know about networking.

I'm having a lot of trouble finding much information how to change this IP address and allow another connection to my server. If anyone has any information on this I would be grateful to learn.
Check out this link. Basically, u just need to redo the ip command and change your setting (either single machine, LAN or interent)
Thanks for the reply Pake! I appreciate it, I searched through every page on the SWGemu Server Development forum before I came here - I didn't notice there was a development section as well!

Boy there is a wealth of information on here, I completely forgot about the development thread - feel silly now for asking this question.

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