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there isnt really a introduction part of the forums, and might show somethings i did over the years
Who am i? Im Wefi, i'm sure my name posted up on Modsource from time to time, and safe to say, im most likely one of five active modders left on the NGE ver of SOE.

With shut down on it's way, i feel i basically waisted all my time on one stupid mod.
the NGE:Enhance, where i basically tried to Emu the CU combat animation system. which i was told impossible to do, joke on them.
The basics of the system was me updating old Combat_manager files to match the NGE, and then editing the Lat to slow down down the animations.

I did do some work on Non-combat stuff for the NGE, example is fixing the Belt bug when Females wore it. (it was more due to Jackets then females)
[Image: 2gue64y.jpg]

one of the final stuff i was working one was making Melee combat more engaging. allowing Parry animations happen more often.

Really thats it i guess,
Stupid belts, a mod like this should be released and downloaded by everyone.

Welcome to MTG, hopefully you'll use this place to expand on your modder's past and not let yourself drown in alcohol because of SOE. Tongue

Also, nothing is censored here. Big Grin
[Image: mtgsig.png]
Loved your work on the NGE, so glad you're here. Hope you can convince others from MS to come.
nah i blame LA.
i liked the NGE(dont stone me) was an love and hate relationship. im quite sad that the best Devs on there, will be the last two. the game could be a lot better if SOE invested more People into it, 2 Devs arent going to turn a dying game into a game thats not dying....er...yea.

as for belts im going to release them sometime later, since im going to be fixing them for the small Community Server we're setting up.

as for Modsource.. The CS im working on is being set up with in the SSG community(MS sister site) which has some modders. Once we get everything going, im sure MS will be converted to use mods for the CS, but i will lead people here for Pre-cu mods. some of them asked me for mods that been made on here. IE the Species upgrade.
Starsider Galaxy I know, I used to check the website too when ModSource was too silent.
Yeah the Species Revamp mod! Wasn't hard really, once you find the right files it's smooth, sometimes you have to use tricks to make your mods work though, and damn I've seen a lot of retarded nonsense in the files such as a shader pointing to a non existant effect file... I wonder how SOE managed that on live.

I wonder what ModSource will become, if Caveman decides to open up a SWTOR section, using ModSource to provide mods for a SWG Emulator will probably be a problem knowing his strict policy (regarding official SWG mods only).

Also, MtG is not a PreCU mods only website, the mods are made to work on PreCU emulators but Post CU/NGE content is being modded here as you already saw.
Just throwing that out there so people don't think we're modding PreCU content only, even though there is a lot of unused content from PreCU that should be added in my opinion.
[Image: mtgsig.png]
i lost interest in modding swg, done it all that can be done really....

atm im more or less seeing if i can add items to the ANH server i have, which some what entertaining..since i never touched Sql before.
(2011-07-28, 02:56 AM)Kayliaah Wrote: Also, nothing is censored here. Big Grin

I do have to ask. Is that good or bad?
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(2011-07-30, 04:09 AM)MechWarrior001 Wrote:
(2011-07-28, 02:56 AM)Kayliaah Wrote: Also, nothing is censored here. Big Grin

I do have to ask. Is that good or bad?

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