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Himalayas SWGEmu Mods

Updated 8/13/2016

Hello guys and gals,

As some of you may know, or not know, I'm new to the forums but I thought I'd start posting what I'm currently working on.

Warning - Lots of Pictures ahead.

First thing I wanted to do is pep up the space loading screen,

[Image: mNMfypQ.png]

My intention with this loading screen was for private servers with two separate columns for server "news" one for the SWGEmu team's news and developments and the other for the private server's (add their own logo to the top). Other than that it's not very innovative - just a few changes and minute manipulation in Gimp.

The second item that I'm working on is a texture mod for Tatooine, so far I've only changed the sky texture and have been working on the ground, still massively WIP.

[Image: aB0MKHa.jpg]
[Image: OKUkp3G.jpg]
[Image: IA7kza0.jpg]
[Image: zqR9JU8.jpg]
[Image: 1ChR8Kf.jpg]
[Image: NtQpGv5.jpg]
[Image: Zrtwmaa.jpg]

I actually need some help identifying further files to modify, as you could probably see I've begun changing the ground texture on Tatooine, which is just an enrichment of the original texture in clarity and color. However as I mentioned I have not been able to identify the follow texture files in the following image.

The texture on the left on the above image is my edited texture of the original tat_sand_bumpy

Let me know what you guys think and please if anyone has any input, ideas, or knowledge of the files please share!

Here are a few more things I've retextured. I posted these on the forum of the server I play on.

[Image: Qxws4am.jpg]
[Image: OkPAMVc.jpg]
[Image: 8uNn9ts.jpg]

As promised here are a few new textures that I have done, I'm also working on a planet overhaul texture for Tatooine at the moment.

[Image: 4El5AmN.jpg]
[Image: ZmS0fBs.jpg]
[Image: CLGdHmX.jpg]
[Image: x4mPyCc.jpg]
[Image: HznWgdO.jpg]
[Image: HqGTJkF.jpg]
[Image: GPssjki.jpg]
[Image: gSakh4k.jpg]
News on the login screen for SWGEMU and private server's genius idea! And nice sky!
Yeah I quite like the loading screen, colours of the sky and sand look a bit too bright and saturated for me though, cool work anyway!
Awesome work keep it up!
Updated with a few new textures I've done, a rug and the Trandoshan Wanted Poster. I've been less active in my modding/texturing primarily because I've been playing during my free time Smile

Feedback is always welcome and thanks kissofdarknes for the thumbs up!
Looks good dude.
dat sky though :O

If anything, I'd be down to grab that sky
Thank you Skyyyr and bilbough, I appreciate the positive feedback! I have been working on a couple of more textures and improved some of the older textures here that I've done.

Later this week when I have time to take some in game shots I'll share more.
(2016-03-24, 03:03 AM)bilbough Wrote: dat sky though :O

If anything, I'd be down to grab that sky

bilbough I have a small weebly website I put up several months ago with download links to my texture mods. I posted a link to the site on the swgemu Revelation forums but forgot to do so here.

I don't remember the site address, however I'll post it later this week when I update the thread.
Updated thread with some textures I had done several months ago before my study hiatus. I'll see if I can update my website to share these files - although I may not share the Krayt Loading Screen as it uses an image from Fantasy Flight Boardgames.

The house painting is a picture scanned from the SWG Collector Edition artbook, I've been attempting to rescan all the artwork from the book and adjust to their in game forms. They're exactly the same just at a much higher resolution.

The Luck Depot painting is actually a painting I had commissioned from a very talented artist as a gift to my brother. We both played SWG together for the full eight years and the year after it went down I had this made and framed from him.

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