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Host Change
As you may (or may not) have noticed we recently changed hosts here at MtG. The forums are now back online but it may take a little while before other aspects of the site are fully functional again.

This in particular includes 'personal' downloads, where files were listed under modthegalaxy.com/downloads, due to the large files involved here it will take me a week or two to restore it completely.

Another aspect of the site which is still not operational is the wiki, I am in two minds as to whether or not to restore the wiki since it was previously used very minimally and there are other places to get the information that was listed there. If I decide not to restore it however, I will make a full backup of the pages available for download should anyone need it.

In the mean time if you notice anything missing which I haven't just listed or anything that seems broken then please let me know through PM on here (or if that's what's broken then on the SWGEmu forums).

Happy Modding!
"Look, sir, droids!" -- Davin Felth
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Ty Davin. Smile

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