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How to convert SWG files (.iff files) for use in 3ds Max
As the title says above I really want to find a way to extract certain armor models from SWG, and then convert these files into formats that can be used in 3ds max.

A specific armor model that I'm trying to find is this one, http://swg.wikia.com/wiki/Rebel_Battle_armor

Now I've found these files within "patch_15_01.tre" however they are all in the ".iff" file format, and I'm wondering if its possible to convert .iff files into .3ds or .obj formats.

-any help is appreciated thank you.
IFF = Interchangeable file format
Iff is the object file located in object/tangible/wearables/armor. aka OBJECT FILE

The file you are looking for is the .msh (mesh file in appearance/mesh) or .mgn.

There are 3ds max scripts on here if you search for them. (=

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