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how to create a custom Profesion
ok so attached is my guide to how to quickly create custom profession this doe snot cover any C code changes this is all you need to know to get basic functions working with existing commands in the game

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.pdf   Silurians Guide to Creating a Custom Profession.pdf (Size: 469.12 KB / Downloads: 295)
oh a few side notes once done if things don;t show up quite right check your datatables and the strings if one is off or forgotten you get weird results
Wow, thanks for uploading this guide! It's very well written and easy to follow!
so i have done a some additions it is possible to create your own custom xp_type also custom skill mods also will work. first is xp to add this all you have to do is define the new type in the skills.iff used from my guide find the column called xp_type remember your novice profession should use the type where your skill tree comes from so the mechanic in my guide i used crafting_general for that box then the rest i used my new crafting_vehicle xp type
The second file is in the same folder as skill called xp_limits this sets the max you can learn on any skill type so set this to what ever skill your using as a base if you don't change this the max the engine will let you do is 2000 which would make it impossible to skill up.
Now to add new Skill mods you will need to open stat_n and stat_d stfs in the string folder en.
this is where you define what your new mod is going to be called. so i added 3 new to my mechanic called vehicle_assembly vehicle_experimentation and vehicle_customization. so you add the string how i did for what ever skill mod you are creating with a name in the stat_n file and some sort of description for your new skill mod in the stat_d.
ok so now you have new skill mods what to do with them in this case i added these to the vehicle luas that i created in the draft schematics you will have to research any other skill mods you are working with or trying to create for crafting this will work but combat or some other skill mod maybe totally different so experiment and have fun.

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