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How to mod server?
Hello, Im running the prebuilt erusman pre cu server, but I really want to mod it to something like bloodfin. Jedi, nge stuff, not the crazy mobs, but things like 5th gen ls, nge armor, nge weapons, nge schematics, nge houses, etc. If someone has a guide of how to do some of this stuff please let me know.

Thanks alot!
I think you'll find a lot of what your looking for in here
Hey Teejo, also I recommend just diving in and playing with the lua scripts. You can do a lot of neat changes relatively easy, like change loot drops etc..., without having to import a new .tre file.

There are a few posts if you search for them that have information about messing with the luas, but I recommend just exploring. You'll pick it up pretty quickly!
A great resource is The Answer's Core3 Github ...


Most of the stuff you can easily edit is in MMOCoreORB/bin/scripts/ - as the above said, nose around, get familiar with the files and structure. If you're looking for something specific you can usually do a quick search at the top and say find all the pages with 'jedi' and 'experience' in them.

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