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By no means done perfect or polished, but I've finally recreated enough of the wheel to make it work.

Nice work..... your doing better than me atmSmile

Have been playing with Bith but got kinda stuck playing with the ui files. This is as far as i got:

[Image: gjT6LW0.jpg]
I did all the server-side work first, then the client. Wasn't until this morning that Tiars sent me a PM pointing out that perhaps the file I was missing was in the UI folder that I finally got it working.
Only problem with Hutt is: Can't wear clothing/no proper weapon attacks. Aka animations/models. Only creatures you can add nicely/properly are humanoid models. Minus gungan since their model includes all the clothing on them already. (no naked model)
Chiss, bith, nightsister (not really a race but has a customizeable model), nautolan, and a few others. I have my files somewhere for all the species I did. I just had issues with latest revision of SWGEmu with the character saving. Could login, customize character, and click play and run around, but as soon as I log out it acts like the character doesn't exist. Not sure if its a raceID issue but I did it just like I did multiple years ago and I think they added a new file I might be missing.
If you could make a mod to swap Sullustans out for Hutts, I'd download that sleemo before you could say, "B-but I actually like Sullustans..."

I don't even care if all the animations are there or not. Just imagine people being completely serious as they waddle across Tatooine at 20mph <3

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