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I found my old Mod Archives
Hell everyone, I just recently got into SWGemu after playing SWG from the NGE patch till the plug was pulled, i was also an avid modder. Upon installing the emu i went into all my old hard drives and found 1 that had mod files on it(only scanned 9 Hard disks, still have about 4 to go but doubt i'll find any more). On the hard discs are some minor mods in bazaar orders, and a zipped package of the legendary ILM mod from Jarek Cyphus that i haven't found anywhere else online. Otheres i found

Theed Hangar Imperial Conversion
Starport Mod
Starport Type1
Starport Type2
Storm to Clone
Ticket Collector to Tie Pilot
Jedi Master to Elder Jedi
Scout Trooper to Camo Scout Trooper
Sexy Troopers
New Clone Trooper Templates
Galactic Civil War to The Clone Wars total conversion
Enhanced Officer Experiance
The Uglies(Neutral Ship appearance Mods)
Astromech to Hailfire Droid
Basic Dance to Breakdance
Battle Background(character screen)
Bounty Hunter to Clone Armor
Better Starport Mod
Forest Scout
Glow BARC(or Tron Barc if you want)
Imperial Space Stations to star Destroyers
improved Clone Trooper Armor
ITV mod collection 2
NGE Jedi to Elder Jedi(robes)
Old Republic Transport(shuttle conversion)
Updated Clone Patterns
SWG ORv.3 (SWG to the Old Republic total conversion)

i'm looking for a host for all the files, I'll upload the link as soon as i can.

P.S. using university internet ATM, so i'll wait until i'm home to upload them.
SWGemu/Basilisk - Hildago(Scout) & Linerax(Shipwright)
SWG - Sunrunner
I'm looking at adding the barc to my mods can't wait!
I'm gonna try to upload the smaller ones to the Downloads section. I don't have preview images of most mods though Sad

Blaze, i uploaded the Glowbarc to the downloads section. have fun Smile
SWGemu/Basilisk - Hildago(Scout) & Linerax(Shipwright)
SWG - Sunrunner
is it possible to upload the SWG ORv.3? if you unable to then that's okay

Were you able to find a place to host these? I can provide space if you need it... I would love to get a hold of these mods.

Pleeeease upload the Starport mods i'd love to use them again i know i had them some time ago i think on Tc Nova (Swgemu)
(2015-06-03, 05:33 PM)Raghy Wrote: Pleeeease upload the Starport mods i'd love to use them again i know i had them some time ago i think on Tc Nova (Swgemu)

This thread is 2 years old.
ops sorry i was looking for that Starport mod on google didn't realize it was that old

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