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I have a (revised) dream -
edit:[  Downloaded the SIE tool, but I think this old box and/or card has an issue with the needed 3D.  I didn't dig into it because I'm building a newer box with a much newer card where I don't think it'll be a problem.  I'm living the salvage culture dream.  I've been playing with the upgraded TRE Explorer, re-familiarizing myself with file types and locations.  Info is a lot more sparse than it used to be.  I think there used to be more hobby moddists as there were more players.  The newer, updated TRE Explorer works much better than back in the day.  Thanks to those responsible.

The server I've become so excited with is Stella Bellum, the NGE server, and their mission statement precludes any new player created material, so my enthusiasm for the equipped crafter tool and the glass roofed base as a player house has been tempered.  Also, I've seen the player structures work other modders have created, so I'm sure that little base has been put to use already on one of the pre-CU servers, even if the bottom floor hasn't been corrected (the issue with modded interior spaces might or might not apply, but I think a server dev could implement it).  "Maybe someday" on those two projects, but they apparently won't ever be for the server I'm playing atm.

Been doing some basic appearance swaps and I'm going to try to turn down the engine lights on the Grievous Starfighter, so I can use it for a mining ship when SB goes live.  All basic stuff, but skillbuilding.  An SIE environment to look at models will be helpful.  Logging in and out of a working server is a pain for me and anyone monitoring server traffic.  ]

Greatings, mod masters.  I messed around a bit back in the day on ModSource, but I'm obviously new here.

It's not much as dreams go, but I have some time atm to mess around with it.  I did some simple modding back when SWG was soe live - some appearance swaps, some basic re-skinning of objects, etc.  I played mostly as a crafter and it always irked me to equip a weapon for the exotic mod slot and the bonus built into the core.  I used a spraystick for it's non-gun appearance but eventually did a mod where I swapped the spraystick appearance for one of the several animated datapads in the game.  

With the proliferation of emus, my dream is to make an actual game item.  An equipable datapad to hold in a characters hand.  In effect, a weapon that looked nothing like a weapon, so it could be built the same with a statted core and end up with an exotic slot.  I was thinking I would copy as much as I could from an existing melee weapon (probably a blasterfist), steal a model off an existing datapad, and maybe mess with the axis where it meets the hand.

Worth my time?  Probably not, but I love learning new obscure things.  If anything like this has sprung up with the rise of emus, I'd appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction for the tools I'd need, and some beginning info on what I need to teach myself.  I have some Linux/bash skills, and some VM experience, but not much programming (hence my intent to rip as much as I can off a blasterfist object).  I read and think, and try not to get others to hand me solutions, I'm just looking for an nudge in the right direction.

(My other dream is to take this structure below from the game, retool the idiotic ground floor, and make it into a 2 lot house for player use... I always loved this building and since SWG now has windowed structures, I think it could be made to work.  One dream at a time, though.) 


[Image: unk_Gen_House.png]

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