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i released the colored bionicle grievous ones
there is the post that i made about the bionicle colored grievous if you want you can come take a look at http://forum.modsource.org/index.php?topic=1313.0

if you like this mods then i glad that you enjoy it Smile
Problem is, that stupid Grievous clone or Necrosis as it was called, was added during late CU or early NGE, so it's not present in SWGEmu, so yeah, sorry.
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its just a mod and i just tested and it didn't crashed
I know it's a mod, I saw it on Modsource, the problem is as I said, that Necrosis wasn't present in the PreCU version of SWG, your mod cannot work with SWGEmu.

And it didn't crash because it didn't affect anything, the original files simply aren't present, you just added new files with your mod that the game didn't recognize.

You would need a NGE emulator for your mod to work, and there is one in the making.

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^ Do you think in the future there will be a way to convert the items to actually spawn characters like this in SWGemu? I don't see why it couldn't.
Yes, servers will be able to implant actual new items with ease, otherwise, the only thing you can do is replace existing models, client side (so only you or anyone with the mod sees it).
(2012-07-22, 07:33 PM)Timbab Wrote: Yes, servers will be able to implant actual new items with ease...

How exactly do they plan on implementing this? Do the servers tell the clients what files to load (Thereby potentially allowing us to create entire expansion packs) or is the current client hard-coded to read files from a sort of manifest listing and cannot be made to load any others?
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Yep, the server pretty much tells the client what to load. If a private server wanted to add Smart Cars as a Master Artisan vehicle, they'd have to add it to the server correctly, linking to the correct model, etc, and then release a patch with the models and the correct table files (teratosis this this on his own server, he can explain it the best) to make it appear for everyone in game.
Once the necessary files are added as a patch to the emu client, adding new stuff on the servers end is pretty straight forward for most things like items or creatures. Adding things like new vehicles gets a tad more complicated but there is plenty of things already in the server side code to work from.

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