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Iff info please?
So, new to mods and making changes, i must ask. I've seen on several occasions on other emu servers that when a crate of resources is picked up, the deed limit can be changed. Default value is 30,000.. However i have seen them as full 100k stacks. How does that get changed? I opened the .iff file editore by the amazing Sytner, and it seems to all be hexadecimal values. Maybe i'm looking in the wrong editing pane? And does anyone have the time to explain how to make the blank accounts database or point me to a reliable site? Thank you all.
I'm assuming you mean object/ files? Or do you mean the datatable/ files? SIE has a datatable editor.

My object editor will make it in soon.
Credit to Lasko for the suggestions which lead to the solution on this...

src > server > zone > objects > resource > ResourceContainer.idl

public static final int MAXSIZE = 100000;

Change the MAXSIZE value to what you want the maximum resource stack limit to be.


If you want to change the amount of resources the resource deed gives...

src > server > zone > managers > resource > ResourceManager.idl

public static final int RESOURCE_DEED_QUANTITY = 30000;

Change the RESOURCE_DEED_QUANTITY value to the amount of resources you want awarded by the deed.
You gentlemen are GURU's. Thank you very much. Looking for the area to modify a player lot count but I think that area mentioned is a pretty warm area to look.
player_manager.lua I believe
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