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Imperial Mods

Back when I played live I had the Imperial Rank mod which added Imperial Ranks to some shirts.

There was also a mod which made the dress pants into the Imperial Jodhpurs and fixed the jacket a bit.

There was also something called the "True Black Mod", I found the link it does not work. http://mods.mandalorians.de/system/forum...ad_id=2598

Any and all help would be great. I'm pretty sure I have them installed on an old desktop back at my Grandmother's house...I never took it to college or my new house with me. I thought trying here might be easier than doing all that to find out it is not even on there.
Though not entirely on topic and unsure if he's still around, but I'd message Ahmose. I helped him set up a range of Imperial mods last year for his guild.
Timbab, thanks for the reply.

I found and old hard drive of mine that had two of the mods on there. The Rank mod and the Imperial Uniform mod. I'm a bit confused at how to install them on for SWGEMU.

I have a C:\Program Files (x86)\SWGEmu inside that is C:\Program Files (x86)\SWGEmu\SWGEmu Launchpad. Then I also have the C:\Program Files (x86)\StarWarsGalaxies folder.

I have also attached the .zip files if anyone wants them, If I am not allowed to attach here please tell me or remove them.

Attached Files
.zip   Imperial_Rank_Insignia_Mod_v2.9.zip (Size: 174.16 KB / Downloads: 17)
.zip   Imperial_Uniform_Mod_1.0.zip (Size: 688.93 KB / Downloads: 18)

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