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In which hardcore pre-CU players believe I lost my mind
I know among many people, the abbreviation "NGE" is a curse. It brought about a number of bad game changes and designs, eventually including content that felt really out of place (Ewok festival of love, anyone?).

On the other hand, from a dispassionate perspective, both the CU and NGE brought about some really good ideas that were overlooked.

If you think about pre-CU and doing high-end content, what kind of equipment are you going to be using? Composite armor. T-21 rifle. Powerhammer. Lightsaber. PvP varies a shade more on weapons, since composite armor is weak against stun damage.

The CU introduced a core system for armor, changing the focus of crafting from the /type/ of armor to the /core/ of armor, which could then be inserted in any armor skin. Eventually in the NGE, the devs did the same thing for weapons. It introduced a broad range of graphical diversity, since you could actually get a weapon in the style you wanted with top-end stats.

[Image: .eJwFwVEOgyAMANC7cABqWoTV2xAkaKaU0Jp9LLv...vpcwQfrl-E]

The goal for weapons is a four-core design - a "basic" core (the equivalent of CDEF weapons), an "efficient" core (with low HAM costs), an "overcharged" core (high damage), and a "quickfire" core (very low refire rate). Additional modifications can still be made with stocks, scopes, etc, but the big stats are now moving to the core instead of the weapon itself.

(Note - on my server, we've removed armor piercing/armor levels as a factor in combat, due to the effect on high-end PvE. It'd be entirely possible to alter or add cores to make this a factor as well.)
While overall I wasn't a big fan of the NGE, some aspects, like above, did evolve into something quite enjoyable to do.

Anything that gives more scope/diversity to gameplay is always going to be good in my bookSmile
[Image: unknown.png]
Awesome work Halyn.

It's a complete fact that crafting was one of the things that improved the most in NGE.

I hate Pre-CU crafting where loot is more important than resources and actual experimentation success. Not to mention it made all the "obsolete" equipment/weapons viable end game.

Bravo! Keep it up!
Supper awesome! I have to agree with Lasko. I quit the NGE early, went back for a bit but limited the time. I discovered there was much I could have liked, though granted I would enjoy more in CU or Pre-CU play.

Will you be making a guide by chance?
No idea if I'm going to make a guide right now. I'm still working on getting all the moving pieces hooked up and working.
Elk season and Christmas took me away from the computer for extended periods, but now I'm back to working on the revamp.

[Image: YYTtuL4.jpg]
Awesome stuff.
When I asked myself what my options were for entertainment this afternoon, it came down to "crafting revamp" or "Russian roulette with the semi-auto."

I flipped a coin.

[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]

I won't say this is particularly difficult to do, once the math is all done. It's just so freaking TEDIOUS.

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