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Increase survey range
I've been poking around trying to increase the God Mode Admin survey skill past 100, in order to bump up their survey range, but everything I've tried comes up against a wall.
I've extracted the skill.iff file and modified it with a duplicate line for survey4, where the survey bonus is +50 instead of +25 and ticked it as God Only.
I've rebuilt the .tre file as skills.tre with the datatables/skills folder, added that to the game folder, server tre folder, swgemu_live.cfg file just below default_patch and the bin/conf/config.lua file again below default_patch.tre.

In src/server/zone/objects/tangible/tool/surveytoolimplementation.cpp I've also removed lines 117 and 118, to make sure the higher surveymods weren't being excluded, but now I'm not sure where else to look.
From what I've seen there is no code to say if the survey mod is >100 then limit the range as if the survey mod = 100, so I'm thinking I've missed linking a file somewhere.

Has anyone tried this before?
I have not checked this. From what you describe I would look at the code for the tools that use the value of the survey mod to build the range selection menu. What you will probably find is that the dynamic creation says if greater than V1 present the first menu, greater than V2 the second and so forth. Thus when the value is greater than what currently sets the top value you get no more range options. You may need to change this to give the tool additional greater ranges.

I removed lines 157 and 158  showing here on github, to bring the next line up to carry on the skillmod progression, just in case that affected it somehow.
if (surveyMod >= 105)
suiToolRangeBox->addMenuItem("384m x 5pts", 5);


Line numbers 117 and 118 referred to in my original post were from a much older version of the same file, on a different github account that didn't have all the GNU text at the top.

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