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I'm hoping this will be easy. Is there any way I can mod something (anything) over my toon to make her invisible on my screen?

I ask because I'm shooting an in-game video with FRAPS and there are some scenes I'd like to have more camera control over, but don't want to be in the picture. When you're zoomed in all the way to where you can't see your own toon, you lose some ability to zoom around and move the camera.

At the very least, would I be able to mod something over the female twi'lek and shoot without anything equipped/on, and insist no female twi'leks be in the video?
I needed something like this when shooting my remake of The Sith Code, but I had the benefit of being on my own server so admin commands gave a lot more freedom.

Assuming you don't have that benefit though you would have to replace the shader files for the female twilek with an invisible shader. This should render the model invisible. I've been out of the modding scene for a while so I'm a bit rusty but this should work. I don't recall if there's a separate shader/model for the underwear but if so you'd need to do the same for that.
Do you happen to know what shader might be invisible?

Edit: all I managed to do was crash myself. I have *some* mod installed with a shader called "Invisible" so I tried making a copy of that, re-naming it to the twi'lek female face & body shaders, that crashed me. Then I tried editing the actual female body shaders to point, instead of to the textures listed, to invisible.dds. That didn't work either. Crashed.
There are a few in invisible shaders in various patches I think but I don't have the files in front of me so I can't be of much help. I've been out of this scene so long I can't remember the simplest of things without the files in front of me, very frustrating. Tongue

You could try using a shader which is used for a particle effect (anything which has some sort of transparency) then edit the alpha channel of the twi'lek textures to be completely black. Oh and of course point the shader to use the edited twi'lek texture. Then it should make it transparent I think, but again I've forgotten how a lot of this stuff behaves, especially the shaders, so I may be wrong.

So yeah.. You could try that. Without getting back into the client to jump start my memory I can't be of much more help. Hopefully someone who's still into the modding scene somewhat can give you a proper answer. There is probably a much more simple solution to this that's just gone way over my head while racking my brain trying to remember the simplest of stuff.

@Stacy, I'll try to help once I got time, my c drive crashed completely 2 days ago and been in repair mode all weekend.
Around, just kept forgetting to lurk these forums so figured I'd check in. Tongue
(2014-01-27, 11:22 PM)Tonberry Wrote: Around, just kept forgetting to lurk these forums so figured I'd check in. Tongue

Damn lurker. This site is sort of a curse, isn't it. :p

Can't shake it!

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