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Invisible mod for Trailers request
Decided to post this in here as well. I really need some way to make my character invisible only to me. So that I can use a private VM for fly over shots through super speed. As well as a bug that makes my swoop invisible only to me for shots inside one of the many private server's or SWGEMU itself for making trailers. This would likely be quite beneficial to other people who want to make videos. If anyone knows what I need to delete in my SWGEMU folder let me know.

I'm wanting to know if there is a way, for me to be invisible, only to me in SWGEMU. Right now I need aerial shots for a trailer I'm trying to make. But I don't want my character to be visible as i'm taking shot's of buildings etc. I expect this might not be that hard to figure out. I'm just not sure what I need to remove in my Star Wars Galaxies folder. There was a swoop to Barc mod that made other people on Barcs invisible but that's not quite what I'm after.

Preferably what ever I do makes the swoop and also the individual character invisible. I'm currently experimenting with files to see if i can find away to do this. Would be cool to do fly over's of cities.

My idea is if I can figure out how to make my individual character invisible. I can then use superspeed on my private VM to go super fast and do some awesome fly over's. For a really cool video.
I think making your character invisible is probably the wrong approach for what you want to do. SWG has a free camera mode - I'm not sure if there's any public tool to enable it right now but you can do it manually and finding the offsets should be quicker than making the invisibility mod.

See: http://www.modthegalaxy.com/forums/threa...ree-camera

Ultyma also used to do a trick where deleting your character would allow you to fly around, you could play around with that idea since it's a private server.
Thank you for the help much appreciated!

At that link it doesn't say how to manually get it to work. Do you by chance know how i can manually get Debug cam, freecam

I'd really like to know how i can do this is what I'm looking for especially. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_conti...CkcmXTk9SY
Answered your question here.

There are other ways to make your character invisible, but that doesn't change the way the camera behaves, etc, you'd just have an invisible character.

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