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Is there a team?!
Hey guys i'm just wondering if there is a team that is working to remake/overhaul graphics on swg. I'm a 3d artist and I would love to give my spare time and make some models/textures for swg, thanks! xD
There is A-Team:


Have a good weekend!
[Image: Vidi.gif]
Hey, sorry for the late reply.

Tonberry used to work on a project like that, but he's moved on a while ago. I was sort of involved with overhauling some stuff myself a few years ago but decided to work on tools instead. I think Aigik wanted to do a releasable thing someday too, but he seems to have moved on, himself, also.

So sadly, no, not at the moment. If you're up to working on stuff though, I can help guide you in potentially. 3d wise, we only have rosuto's MSH importer/exporter, for MGN (Clothing, anything bound to a skeleton, etc) we'll still need to write one.

.SHT ("Shader" file, links to textures and .EFT files) and .EFT ("Effect" file, links to pixel and vertex hlsl shaders) editors will hopefully make it into my next SIE update, but I can't promise that yet.

Feel free to ask any questions if you decide to work on stuff.
Hey BitCeLot! You may have already seen this, but here's a link to something Aigik started a little while ago.


I've been doing some weapon meshes myself and importing them client-side to my devenv - I don't quite understand how to implement them as new items and meshes server side yet. But if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. I'd be happy to share everything I know and everyone here is very supportive and knowledgable.
thanks alot for the replies guys Tongue
So from what I understand in terms of models/ textures only one guy works right now " Aigik" . Tongue

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