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Is this possible with a client side mod?
Good Morning.

I would like to change the north/south orientation of this appearance.  Basically, rotate it 180 degrees.  I'd also like to increase the overall size some, too, but this datapad has an animated face so I'm not too sure how feasible any of that is.

I pasted the file name and data across the image in case anyone wanted a reference.

I'm re-learning old modding skills and finding new ones.  The UI mod to the ILM came out excellent and is incredibly useful.

(Sytner's IFF Editor is amazing compared to the old tools we used back on live)

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You can do it in 3dsmax with the import/export scripts that are somewhere on these boards.  the texture will scale with it.
Awesome. ty. I'll see what i can manage.
Hmm... might there be import/export tools for Blender? 3dsmax software is a pretty high hurdle unless I can find a license cracked version. I'll search the forums.
Doesn't look like the Blender import toll ever happened, unless I'm missing something. I haven't looked for cracked software in a long time. If anyone has a link for an older .ver of 3dsmax...
3dsmax has a free student edition.  also, if you were just talking about moving a specific instance of the item in-world, you can do that in the snapshot editor, but no scaling.
I'll look into the student version. I'm not sure my salvage-culture PC can push it, so I was thinking of an older ver of the software. If there's an older ver of the student version I can find, then I'll have it covered. Sometimes you can find those from the maker if you dig around on their site a little.

With a search, I found that there is a snapshot editor in Sytner's Tool but I don't know it's capabilities. I'm looking to make a persistent change for gameplay on the client side.

Thanks for the info and help.

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