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Join The Discussion - #modthegalaxy IRC Channel!
Greetings Galaxy,

The ModTheGalaxy team would like to invite the community to join in the discussion related to client modding and tools development with other testers, staff, and community members via our IRC Channel.

We'd like to encourage everyone to participate in the open discussion channel. Drop by if you have a question about modding or tools and we'll be happy to assist you! If you're new to modding and looking for a bit of help or you'd just like to chat, our staff, experienced community members, and developers frequent the channel and are happy to help or discuss the wide array of client and tool development subjects.

Here's information on how to connect: See you there!
May The Force Be With You!
Please do join the IRC channel, and beware of pretty much anyone with voice and above talking about the craziest things. Tongue

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