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Launch First Impressions
So, I know SWTOR isn't "officially" launched but I was in on the first day of early access so that pretty much was the launch for me. Those of you who have gotten in so far and started getting to things, how is it playing out for you so far? As far as I'm concerned Christmas has come early this year, although I still need a mouse and headset to complete the experience. Wink

I can pretty much abide by everything I've said in previous SWTOR threads, everything is looking great, although I can only run it with high graphics on my laptop unfortunately.

I can honestly say the only problem I've come across so far is the 1 - 4 hour server queuing but that was to be expected. Other then that BioWare have done an excellent job so far, especially with no prior MMO experience.

Oh I've been filming some shizzle too, not really uploaded any of it but for you Starfox fans:

It's so fun. I miss SWG but Bioware never dissapoints
[Image: tifasig.jpg]
[Image: tifasdo.png]
Played the beta for a long time, 1st time around it was great, 2nd time around it was still great, 3rd time around I was starting to get bored, 4th time around I stopped beta testing as there is no replay value at all, no sandbox, it's all a very linear experience, I can't stand the game.
i need....

client mod tools....

UI is bugging me...

Well you can certainly wait longer than you would for other games. The UI by default is top notch for the most part, other than the odd glitch here and there, although the only thing to annoy me so far was the bugged raid frames. Just about all the issues are delt with now so the only changes I'd like to see other than artwork / color scheme are some brief tweaks to some of the windows, most notably the auction one.

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