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Lets Talk SIE Copy/Pasting
Ok, from another thread, Sytner had questioned my comments about how copying and pasting wasn't working well for me.  I'd like to clarify a few things and start another thread to discuss this.

Using skills.iff, and the "money_required" column, I highlighted every cell I wanted (think 12 cells), copied with ctrl+c, then pasted it into excel just fine. 

If I then copy the same cells in excel, go back to SIE and try to paste those cells,  nothing happens.  if I highlight just the perfect number of cells, and try to paste, nothing happens.  if I just copy 1 cell from excel, and try to paste that into SIE nothing happens.   the ONLY way I can paste anything into SIE is if I copy my cell from excel, then double click a cell in SIE making the cell editable, then I can paste the cell data in.

Sytner says it's working fine, but with I have this problem EVERY time, and have had to manipulate these debatable one cell at a time (a huge pain, but better than hacking them in hex...)

I have paste issues with mgn if's as well, but I wanna knock out this datatable issue first since most of what I've been working on uses datatables.

Already fixed with, release coming tonight most likely.

It was this way for the longest time due to the complexity of SWG datatables, which doesn't really make it too compatible with Excel, CSV or anything like that on a broad term.

But I've added pasting on top of int/float/string cells now from the clipboard. Multiple cell pasting won't be a thing because again, due to the complexity of SWG tables, it's just asking for trouble. Well, maybe, we'll see if I take a shot at it for 4.0. Multiple row copying and pasting works, though.

We've fixed some copying/cloning issues inside the Iff Editor, too, but just to make sure, what was your issue there? Also work with the templates when you can, versus the HexBox, that's what it's there for. 

P.S. Shoulda went in the SIE thread.
thanks Tim. I'll check out the new version when you get it posted, and provide some feedback if it's appropriate.

As for the IFF editor, in instances where you have multiple strings, and you highlight the whole block of strings, the "Copy String" only copies the first string. so ex: root.hip.leg.knee.ankle.foot.toe

if you select that whole block of strings (where the period is 00 in hex), and copy the string, and paste it back into a new block, you just get root. if you paste it into notepad++ you just get root. the clipboard buffer only receives "root" from the copy string operation.

If you copy the string block using right+Click copy, then you'll paste root<bh:00>hip<bh:00>etc...
if you try to paste that back into the IFF editor in any way I've found (empty block, full bock, etc..) you end up with the raw hex for ALL those characters, including the "<" and ">", etc...

I'm not generally a moron, yet I've not ben able to copy / paste mgn information in any meaningful way. I've just typed it in bit by bit...

p.s. sorry if it's the wrong thread, but it seemed appropriate to talk about it here just incase it was something I was doing wrong, or *shrug*
Copying whole blocks is doable in the old version by selecting all the bytes, right clicking and then Copy > Paste via contextmenu. Unsure if this was the case in 3.2.x.x though or not.

'Copy String' just copies strings, but because they're null separated, means you only get the first string.

If you'd go the template value route, you'd copy strings manually and add them in through that, but you might need to add '00' bytes in the hex box to add a new string, as it's an array.

Regardless, CTRL+C copies bytes in the new version, CTRL+P pastes, CTRL+Shift+C copies bytes in hex text to clipboard, CTRL+ALT+C copies strings (All of them, ignoring null bytes/replacing them with 'space' on paste). The latter of the three being purely for pasting out context of the bytes for analytical purposes, the first being for pure byte manipulation.

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