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Login and Character Screen
I am trying load in different image for the login screen and the character panel. I am already using the ui_backdrop_default.inc file but are looking for a way to load 2 different images for login and character sscreen.

Here is what i want to do:

[Image: login_tarkin_50_percent.jpg]

[Image: char_scr_50_percent.jpg]

Can anyone help me out?
Login screen & Character Selection mod: ModtheGalaxy Thread
looks like its only one file that does all the work for those ui_background_arrow.dds you would have to figure out which ui file in ui controls the background and add another ui_blah_blah.dds to it and that file would be ui_backdrop_default.inc

not sure how you would edit it to break station into two parts for two seperate images to load.
ok after giving it some thought here is what i think your gonna need to find what defines station and add a new line for it to call for a station2 and then edit the back drop for station2 and what file it needs to call.
What i have been doing today is editing ui.loginscreen.inc to create a backdrop for the loginbox. Also moved the Next/Back buttons up to the login box.

Then the next task will be to do a similar edit for the login screen.

[Image: login.jpg]
Login screen & Character Selection mod: ModtheGalaxy Thread
Lookin' snazzy.

Do you still need help, though?
I will accept to use the .inc files to do what im looking for. So then i dont need help. If anyone would be intrested in the .inc files when im done (without the background) i will upload them.
Login screen & Character Selection mod: ModtheGalaxy Thread
Yes, please share!
Arggh impossible to make that right edge perfect, but this will have to do!

[Image: avatar.jpg]
Login screen & Character Selection mod: ModtheGalaxy Thread
How did you edit the image in the.inc files? What tool/tools did you use?

The background image is just as before, this one is just one i have created in photoshop and have not been altered in photoshop. Make however sure you use the custom ui_backdrop_default.inc that i think it was Uli who gave us. In that file you can edit the resolution and remove the blue tint, then ui_background_arrow.dds will appear as you have created it.

All alterations i have done to the .inc files are XML code, so just moving the objects and adding some colors and setting some opacity. The hard work is positioning stuff and figuring out what each bit of code does.

I create my backgrounds with photoshop and export them with nvidias dds plugin and the inc files have simply been edited using gedit.
Login screen & Character Selection mod: ModtheGalaxy Thread

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