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Looking for a specific IFF file
Can anyone help me with this?

I'm looking for a specific file: township_singing_mtn_clan_gilsaria

I believe it's an IFF file. I can't find it in sku0_client. I believed it might be in hotfix_59_shared_00, but that tre file is completely empty when I open it (is it supposed to be empty?).

township_singing_mtn_clan_gilsaria is listed in the creature_names.stf file in sku0_client, but I'm curious as to where it's pulling the actual character from.

What do you need the file for exactly?

Only NPC files I can find, are found in /object/mobile, but they have nothing to do with the "township_singing_mtn_clan_gilsaria". I suppose it might be hidden in the client then, which is odd, but usually .stf's pull client data anyway, so I'd assume it's typed like that in the client which grabs other stuff from the .tre files.

One of the dev's must know, they must have all the NPC files parsed. Might want to head over to #opendev on irc and see if anyone knows.

This has me stumped.

Files that I've found relating to the Singing Mountain Clan:

  • shared_singing_mt_clan_guardian.iff


  • shared_dressed_dathomir_sing_mt_clan_sage.iff
Thanks Timbab.

I'm modding SWG characters for the purpose of screengrabs (something I know how to do as long as I have the IFF files).

This IRC chat. Is there some sort of link you can direct me to by any chance? Did a search in google, but I wasn't clear exactly where to go.

In the meantime, if anyone else has any ideas, I'd appreciate it.
Sure, go here: http://www.swgemu.com/forums/content.php...uring-mirc

Port: 6667

then /join #opendev
Might try chat again later, but so far the guy who answered didn't seem to have a definitive answer.

Basically, it seems certain types of NPCs were spawned from a "server template" (whatever that is). Gilsaria being just a custom name which may have used the IFF file called shared_singing_mt_clan_witch.iff

But there's no way to know for sure which IFF file it used for the appearance, as far as I can tell. If it's "hidden in the client", I'm guessing there's no way to look at that?
This might work, it might not, but I think it's worth a try, or at least to have stated here for others:

There is a program included in the tools.git repository on review.swgemu.com that contains a program called WorldSpawnerTool. It's a large cumbersome program that needs the original .tre files and won't read any .tre's beyone 14.1 as it's written. BUT, It does has an openGL interface to show you the mesh.

Since the program is hard-coded to look for the original files, if you find something in the later .toc files, then just add it to data_other.tre and it "Should" work. I've not tried it but I don't see why it wouldn't work if the .iff files are in a recognizable format.

Most of the singing clan and Nightsister models are "Dressed" models, i.e. they're not neked, so you should be able to find the model you're looking for.

On the server side what you were told is correct. Basically each NPC you see in game is generated from an object template created in the LUA files. bin/scripts/mobile/* Those objects are then spawned in screenplays or other scripts usually found in bin/scripts/screenplay OR bin/scripts/managers.

Each NPC template can be setup to use whatever weapon group you wish to give it, Can have custom names, or STF names if one exists, Can be setup to use conversation scripts if the NPC is interactive, Level, damage ranges, armor ratings, HAM values, etc... are all set in these files. The non-dressed models can be dressed with scripted outfits as well.

Now I don't have any idea how SOE did it, but it seems to me that a lot of npc templates got re-used/re-purposed as the game progressed. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the witch iff got re-purposed as a named NPC as the game matured. Add a new weapon, or maybe a new clothing item in a non-slotted spot and you're g2g using the exact same witch IFF that was used previously.

One other thing that's important to note is that because of this, there are MANY entries in the STF files that are either non-existent in the later stages of SWG's run, or that were never implemented altogether. The STF's are just string names for things, and can be filled with all sorts of trash. I have tons of non-used names and data in my custom STF's that I might get to some day (added all my old buddies as I wanted to make NPC's for them until I could get them to play again. *smile* but I've not actually done it yet).

anyway, I hope this helps a little. Just like 1 tangible item can be used to represent MANY different items in game, 1 NPC IFF can represent many different NPC's in the game.


P.S. I don't know of anything that's actually hidden in the client. Most everything can be accessed / changed in the .tre files, even the UI elements. I've changed my galaxy map to include taanab, that's not a client hack but changing the .inc file and adding the data. I highly doubt that there's any hidden IFF or other data bits in the client that the game uses. Or if there are, SWGEMU doesn't use them as near as I can see.
Well there are a bunch of hidden things in the client, but I'd doubt an .iff would be hidden really. Kind of odd really, relating to this question.

UI is only partly in the client, you can't modify the CUI for the most part, unless you'd inject them into the .exe, due to them being hardcoded.

You can code new UI that's server based though, cRush is working on that.
Yeah, I forgot about how you can inject things into the client. I won't pretend to understand how that works, but I think I understand the concept. What exactly is hidden in the client tho? now you have me curious! :-)
Things like how CUI works, lighting (like player flashlight), how clouds exactly behave, in the .tre you can only modify the speed and tile size, but you couldn't change it to a skybox for example, water mesh is generated in the client, so you couldn't modify the quality of it on your own, etc, etc.

There are a few things, mostly related to logic, but sometimes limiting what you can modify in the given files. For example, I once tried to modify the visuals of the view distance fog, which I couldn't do, because its shading/look is done inside the client, even though most of the other things in the game have the shader files out in the open inside the .tre files.

There is also a /private/ link I find sometime in some files, which I have no idea where that grabs things from, I'd assume it's a directory or something odd in the client.

cRush and I talked about CUI modifications with injections a while ago, but he's way more behind that, I'll try to help him next year if he still needs help, otherwise I might look into injections myself for other stuff.
Thanks very much Duffstone, that was a lot of helpful information!

I found this link here http://review.swgemu.com/gitweb?p=Core3....b359077643

It shows a lot of the NPCs and their associated IFF files. I guess I'm wondering if this is a complete list of the LUA files? I've never heard of LUA files before, so this part is pretty new to me.

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