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Looking for G9 Rigger Freighter .apt file name/location
Hi.  I wanted to swap out the G9 Rigger Freighter ITV appearance with another that's less massive.  Collision on the G9 model is ridiculous.  

I have the .apt file I want to use as a replacement.  I've been crawling through the game files looking for the G9 so I can steal the file name, but I'm having little luck.  

Does anyone have any idea where I might locate that G9 .apt file?


...also, glad to see the site back up, was down a few days back.  Cheers.
In sku0_client.toc I found the following:


Not sure what the two diff spelling twilight itv's are (google never heard of it), but the plugin I have for pshop cs2 wont open a .msh so i can look at the skin...

Going to keep looking for the location of the original factional ITVs, maybe I'll get lucky there. To find the Corellian G9 Rigger Freighter with the TRE Explorer, I've been using the search terms: G9, rigger, itv, and core, then scrolling through with no search argument for a second look.
I believe you can open a .toc in SIE and view it? I've never messed with toc's.
wow.  That's a far better tool than we ever had back in the day.  TY, Himalayas.  Found it in one go.  


A much better look and more comfortable size/shape than soe's first try.
not showing an attached image, but i used the Rodian shuttle
Awesome possum! SIE is definitely the crown jewel in today's modding toolchest. Sytner and Timbab and all our community members have put a lot of time and energy into these things for us Smile

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