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Looking for Guide Requests!
Most likely will wrap up my tool over the next one or two weeks (depends how much irl time I have), which will cover the following files:

.APT, .CDF, .CEF, .CMP (maybe), .EFT, .IFF (Object and Datatable), .LMG (maybe), .SAT, .SND, .SPR, .SWH, .WS

Because of endless documentation that I've had to do, I've learned a thing or two, but there is still endless stuff to be discovered, regardless, the tool and the information should make modding a lot more accessible and less of a daunting task.

With that, I've decided that I'll make some structured posts and guides, dumping all my information that I've gained in an easy overviewable format.

So, my question is, does anyone have any requests for any particular guide? I might be able to do them/figure them out fairly quick. I'll do all requests that I can.

This is client side only, I know next to nothing about anything server side. I'm also pretty useless when it comes to models/animations, for now, besides a handful of things.
Might be worth fleshing out the conversation we had via PMs and do a guide for "dressing" NPCs?
Sure, gladly.

Purely 'how to guide' wise, I sorta have these in mind so far:

NPC "dressing"
Ranged Weapon Effects
Melee Weapon Swooshes
General swaping
Bringing NGE stuff into PreCU and how to avoid compatibility issues
Teach us how to bring in the NGE Star Destroyer bridge to Basilisk without crashing out our games Tongue
Haha, that would require some server side, code, so don't look at me. Smile
Teach us how to dougie.

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