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Looking for publish 24 client files (right before nge)
Hi all, I'm working on getting involved with SWGEmu development and I've been looking into what it would take to get a post-cu, pre-nge fork rolling.

Even if it never gets off the ground, I'd like to host these files somewhere for the sake of preserving them (now that it's legal). I also hope to extract and document some details about the combat system as it was toward the end of the CU.

Anyway, I found a link to a pub24 client download on reddit, but it was missing most of the .tre files and some other things. Does anyone here have the complete client? Or at least maybe some of the parts I don't have?

Thanks in advance!
There was a CU emu at one time. I had the files as a matter of fact. If I can get ahold of my buddy I'll let you know. He should still have them.
Awesome, that's great news. Even if nothing else, it'll be good to get these preserved somewhere. I find it crazy I haven't been able to find them yet - It would be a shame to let something like this just expire from the internet.
the project was called openswg.


You should be able to pull it
Hi, I've already started doing such a thing. PM me and I'll give you more information.

I have the client files with most of the packets converted to CU format in Core3 for zoning in...
Awesome, thanks guys Smile

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