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Loot template
Hi all,

I am trying to make an item lootable. 

Firstly I have created the item in game using the tangible folder and I know it works because I can generate it using the createitem command.

I have then gone to the loot folder and created a loot item pointing to the .iff file in question and created a group file pointing to the loot item. Both files have been entered into items.lua and groups.lua respectively.

When I start the server I am not getting any errors although when I try and create the item using the createloot command I am getting an error saying Warning: loot item template requested does not exist... any ideas what I am missing?

Many Thanks

I suspect a typo somewhere as you describe the correct procedure.. have you run the unit tests?
yeah it's not generating any errors on code. I have also taken another loot item modified the relevant areas and saved as and i still get the error.
Add your group loots on one mob in creature template, and show if you have an error.

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