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LUA Editor for easily adding armor, weapons, etc.
So I finally started working on my first tool. Will be a while until it is done obviously. I'm in the learning process, but in the past two days I have made awesome progress thanks to Sytner and a few other buddies for teaching me. Any tips, hints, advice, comments, or critic is accepted and wanted!

[Image: WeXP4CK.png]
wow, looks good
Nice, does it deal with the objects.lua and serverobjects.lua for each directory yet?
Not yet. Sadly I haven't had time to work on it. But as I learn I have plenty plans for it.
This looks really great considering I already did all of the armor for my dev env and am now working on weapons Tongue. BUT, I still want it, because it really does look great!
Curious how far you are on it now, if you even worked on it anymore. I am also working on a scripting tool.
Doubt Phoe has, but SIE 4.0 will include a couple Lua Editors with full GUI where you don't have to enter any code.

They're limited to objects and their fields for the most part though (Think: All Lua Object Templates, Screenplays (Most of them, again, no special scripting), Loot Items and groups, Conversation Templates), not full on scripting. Might have a teaser out this week if I can find the time.

Are you working on full on scripting?
Hey Tim, are schematics and loot schematics included in the lua bit?
Should be, but link me an example for both, so I can verify.

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