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With a lot of help from Timbab, Sytner, Lasko, and a couple of others, I am excited to say I am nearly finished with creating Mandalore. Mandalore has 2 large cities (Keldabe and Sundari) and 3 smaller settlements. I've added in MandalMotors, 3 caves and an additional bunker. There are custom NPCs as well as screenplays to populate the caves and bunkers. I've also randomly populated the planet with a mixture of creatures and mobs which are also working in the mission terminals. I'm posting this here to see how much interest there is in my creation before I start uploading files. I'll post some screenshots throughout this thread if anyone has any questions. Thanks again for all of your help. I enjoyed this a lot and am looking forward to creating more.
Moving this to Previews until you've released something.

Sorry, gotta keep the forum order! Smile
No worries, it should still achieve the impact I'm hoping for.
I just wanted to offer some encouragement on this project - I would LOVE to see Mandalore in all its Glory. Keep up the good work.

Do you have any Screen shots you could show on your progress or build?

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