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Mandalorian Files
I pretty much FUBAR'ed my Mandalorian files screwing around with them without a backup (stupid me). Can anyone be so kind as to link me a batch of the Mandalorian .lua files in their current Core3 state, please?

If not, is anyone able to provide the default stats for the basic armor that can be create via the /generate and /object createitem commands, please? 

healthEncumbrance = 233,
actionEncumbrance = 96,
mindEncumbrance = 50,

rating = LIGHT,
maxCondition = 40000,

kinetic = 80,
energy = 80,
electricity = 0,
stun = 0,
blast = 65,
heat = ,
cold = 0,
acid = 58,
lightSaber = 0

is currently what I have, but it seems the game will no longer recognize them. It's pulled ALL Mandalorian armor from my server, left me with a few nekkid DWB goons... they're none too happy.  I figure if I can plug in the former state of the stats, it would recognize it again. If not, I'll have to replace the files.

Unless someone could kindly point me into the correct direction to have the server accept the new stat parameters I have given them! Thanks kindly in advance for the help!
These ones?
Those should be it! You are amazing! If I am to modify the stats of the armor (ie kinetic/energy resists) what else should I do to get the server to recognize them? Sorry that I'm so new at this. You just saved my bacon! Much <3
That Core3 repository will help me a lot in the future as well! Thanks so much for the help and the link, you are truly amazing!
If it's a Lua file you can change pretty much anything you want to stats you like.

If you just edit Lua files you dont need to rebuild just restart. If it throws an error, just return to stock and then edit a bit at a time.

As you learn what you can and cant do you'll come to realise the Lua side of things is actually fairly easy to play with.

If you get stuck....... just shoutSmile
Draychen, can you enable you PM's, i cant reply atmSad
(2016-01-11, 10:46 AM)Lasko Wrote: Draychen, can you enable you PM's, i cant reply atmSad

Done! Sorry about that... Didn't know I had to enable them! Thank you for your patience!

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