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Missing Painting .apt Files?
UPDATE: Figured it all out! Just have to edit the .sht file to specify a single texture instead of a random one.

UPDATE: Upon a search into the textures of the appearance files that were assigned, I discovered the files I was looking for. Now to figure out how to assign one specific texture to an .apt file.

I am searching for some painting appearance files for an appearance swap mod I would like to create. The problem is that I know the files exist in-game because some of the paintings are in standard NPC loot tables. However, when I locate the object file and the corresponding .apt files, the default image is not the same as in-game. Below are the images I am looking for.

Bio-Engineer Poster
Cargo Port Blueprint
Clone Wars Painting: Clone Trooper
Clone Wars Painting: General Grievous
Coronet Skyscraper Blueprint
Defensive Stance
Double Helix
Droid In Contrast
Dusk in Kachirho
No Division
Party Poster
RIS One-Sheet
Spitting Rawl
Valley View
Wanted Poster: Han Solo
Wanted Poster: Leia Organa
Wanted Poster: Luke Skywalker
Wanted Poster: Trandoshan

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