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[Mod] Better Lighting Mod
So I was curious, are there any better lighting mods out there. Maybe one is currently being made, if anyone knows please do tell. Tongue
Nope, sadly no one with any serious HLSL knowledge has come forward to attempt it, it's also somewhat unclear what the limitations are.

I know Sytner knows and did some stuff, regarding shaders, but mainly for his terrain tool. Shadows are also still a question mark, Uli wanted to give it a shot, but hasn't yet.

If that's what you mean by 'lighting' at least, the only obvious and straight forward tweak is changing the color of a terrains lighting.
Okay thanks, yeah... ironically im going to school for game art and design. I love this game so much and I bet I can contribute to making more mods. Just gotta get more knowledge under my belt.

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