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[Mod] change the lightsaber colour blade in a weapon to lightsaber mod
I put up a mod for swgemu from a few salvaged mods from the internet that changes the Ryyk Blade to a type10 hilt (quigon's) lightsaber but it came out red and I'd love it to be either blue or green, could anyone please help me with this? Sad

I attach the mod file in the attachments, for people interested it goes into Swgemu/object/weapon/melee/sword/ folder (if you don't have the folders, create them)

Enhu @ Eclipse Galaxy

Attached Files
.rar   shared_sword_blade_ryyk.rar (Size: 806 bytes / Downloads: 19)
You will want to mod the palette of the lightsaber blade.

Find wp_lightsaber.pal in Publish 9, then change the first color (red) to whatever and resave it.
any way to have it changed just for this mod and don't edit the base files of swg?
Yes and no. Yes it is possible because you can have custom colors for player lightsabers. No in that I don't yet know how to accomplish it. I'm working on it though.

it has something to do with the shader and other .tre files, but I can't seem to find where it sets the default color to 00, just where it sets the palette file path.

I might also be able to sove this from within the core but so far I'm not having much luck.

Working on it though. Yoda looks bad wielding a very long red lightsaber blade... :-(
Well I've been looking into it at a deeper level now, have yet to find the "blade_color_index", but if you modify the pixel shader, then you could make a custom .eft that links it to the new .psh which, instead of sampling for the color, has a hardcoded color.


You go the 'special saber blade' route from the NGE, like lightsaberblade_permafrost.sht, which skips the palette all together and links to colored .dds textures. This would work for NPC swords. Not exactly sure how those special sabers maintain the form of the lightsaber though.

But I'm still lookin.

Edit: Here it is: http://www.modthegalaxy.com/forums/threa...29#pid4729

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