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[Mod] CU Hotbar icons
When CU first went live, didn't SOE simply add color to the command icons without changing the pre-CU design? I seem to remember this being the case, and quite enjoying them.
I've tried the CU GUI mod but the icons seemed to be the NGE ones, which are just generally difficult to see and relate to their corresponding command.

If my memory serves me wrong, then is anyone able to simply take the existing pre-CU command icons and add color to them?
As far as I can tell, purely by what's in the .TRE files, they went straight to the CU icons that you know.

But yeah, you can edit the originals. I'm super busy at the moment, but what are you looking for exactly?

P.S. I just saw the date of the thread, but perhaps you're still roaming.
Pretty sure it went straight from pre-cu to CU icons. No middleman. But you just need to edit the DDS file to add color

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