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[Mod] Fixing Belts
Would anyone ever like to attempt to undertake the task of fixing the tailor-made belts to adjust to the proper waist size?

This was posted by Tiars on the SWGEmu forums:

"A developer looked into this and did discover that it was a bug. Belts should adjust their diameter based on the character waist settings. This was done correctly for armor belts. The first clothing belt adjusted their diameter based on the character chest settings and this was wrong. This bug seems to have been cut and pasted from clothing belt to clothing belt. To fix this would require a change to all clothing belts. Since the EMU has the problem I suspect that it would be a client side change which would be harder for the EMU to fix.

When you think about it this makes sense. The hula hoops are more noticeable on the female characters since people often make the chest significantly larger than the waist. On make characters the difference is generally not as much and it is hardly noticeable on most characters."


"I wish the wayback machine had saved the thread where our discussion on this topic with DevH happened. But It doesn't seem to be one that got archived. I may have a copy of it saved on my other PC, but not sure.

It was not an easy fix, he essentially detailed out why it would be difficult. Now, I don't know if it would be something easier done here than there. It kind of boiled down to the art assets needing to be fixed on each and every version, not something that could be done with a global fix."

Do we have the tools for modifying morph information on mgn files, and if so, are there any modellers looking for a project?
Do you know which armor belts display correctly?
The mabari belt does for sure. Possibly the padded armor belt, too.
Looking into it.

No tools for it and .mgn is a shakey subject, since we can't even work with them at all.

Been hex editing around, trying to understand the chunks.

One female belt doesn't even have a blender for fat/skinny, wth, male version does. 'Sorta' fixed that to more typical SWG standards, so it scales at least, but it doesn't scale correctly yet.


Can you give me examples of bad/wrong belts? Screenshots?
OK...I did some tests & screenshots. I tried the small pocket belt on a female (I went ahead and maxed out the chest, just in case that is the real reason) over various garments.

Over shirt only (a reasonably good fit): http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h395...b76311.jpg
Over cargo vest (looks "fat" but actually does scale to the vest diameter): http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h395...3029b8.jpg
Over labor jacket (here's an example of the hula-hooping): http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h395...bc68b7.jpg
Over ubese armor (seems to fit): http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h395...5988d1.jpg
Over bone armor (hula hoop): http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h395...8d1d27.jpg
Over composite armor (hula hoop): http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h395...58bd52.jpg

So...given the some-of-the-time nature, maybe it's not actually an "easy" fix? Is it just taking the widest diameter value ever used in the "jacket" or "armor" slot and scaling it to that, if there is any jacket or armor present?
Thanks for those screenshots, interesting.

I've tested all belts and with just a shirt they seemed sort of fine, but I can see how they're tied to 'flat chest' (it's actually a blend setting in most belts) when I applied replaced floats in one of the chunks with the one from the Mabari, see:

[Image: z9co.png][Image: fh22.png]

This was on the lowest fat/muscle/chest/height setting.

Some belts have blend settings for jackets, robes, etc, while the armored ones don't. Removing the 'flat chest' blender doesn't seem to achieve anything for whatever reason, but it's not tied to chest size for sure, did those tests already.

This got me curious now, damn it.

Two things, one, there is most likely a scale value in the mesh values, I'd have to find it and change it to a smaller size, so it would fit closer ot the body, but that's a workaround and probably a bunch of work. I still don't see what's radically different in terms of scaling from both the armored belt and the regular one, though it has to be in the .mgn.
Here's a side-by-side comparison of the small pocket belt with the mabari belt using the same clothing: http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h395...69c6d6.jpg

The mabari seems to have a much more "perfect" fit to the character's waist, and you can see in the case of the vest and the ubese jacket, it actually fits UNDER those items of clothing.

If it would be less work, do you think you could explain to me how to make the changes, and what hex editor you use to make them?
Yeah that's really interesting, damn it, I'm gonna figure this out even if it takes me a month, typical extreme SOE screwup.

I did manage to solve the extreme hulahoop, I think, but the original belts are still too fat and not perfectly fitting.

Original on the left, modified on the right:
[Image: aqab.png][Image: nsqu.png]

[Image: mhr3.png][Image: bexp.png]

Regular belts had the jacket_belt and robe_belt scaler, which is stupid, it makes already unfitting belts even more extreme. But this doesn't fix the core problem.

I use both tre Explorer and hex workshop to toy around, but you'd need to know what a float and integer is, floats are reversed in the SWG files. It's a lot of guess work and trying to find a needle in a haystack, going at it blindly.
That does already look vastly better. You took the jacket & robe scalers out on the picture on the right?

Tell me, I've read reference to there being information on mgn files in the wiki, but I can't get it to work, is it down/disabled?
Yeah it's down sadly, Davin hasn't put it back up and I don't got a backup, been planning to create a new one for a while, he has the backup of the old information. I'm going at it blindly.

Yes, I took the jacket and robe scaler out on the right, not all belts have them. I'm gonna edit/upload all of them for ya if you want, I need to eat something first though, haven't eaten all day.

If you want to try it yourself anyhow, you can delete the scalers by opening the .mgn and looking for these:

[Image: 7nlj.png]

Double check if they're the correct ones by clicking on each of the BLT INFO chunks.

Just delete them by right clicking and delete the FORM that includes the correct BLT INFO.

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